Too soon?

What can I say, there were a lot of great entries for this week’s ‘Shop Contest, but I’ve had Final Fantasy VII on the mind and Lionheart227's entry hit me just right.

It’s been a long journey for Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto; one that’s taken them to many strange places, including the burial ceremony of one of the series most beloved heroines. Remember what that was like? It’s like, with this pic, Lionheart227 is saying: have fun in Final Fantasy XV, struggling through the ups and downs, the triumphant peaks and tragic valleys, and all those powerful memories in the making, like that time you tried to drive to that special hunt only to realize that somebody forgot to fill up the tank before driving off into the sunset.

Other Not-So-Final Destinations


rogueIndy has the boys on a jaunt through the some green fields still under development.

Fizziks has them taking a tour across the apocalyptic hellscape of American politics.


sciteach imagined the crew filling up their tank in an alternate fashion reality. 


dangerism knows it’s only do or do not. There is no try.

For NegaScott128 it’s FD, no items, four stock.


‘Nough said with this from BrickArts295.

DamienSandmanOvertime with lessons from Arnold on how to carry wood.


No idea on this from Curryrider. Gagh?

lmp with postcards from the Tower.


Zaniev knows the game we’d all rather be playing.

PharaohSteve reminding us of the tragic lack of bros in Big Boss’s life.


n3rdb0mb3r say’n heeeeerrrree fishy, fishy, fishy.

Clokie suggest’s it all could have been different for Trevor.


Dixie Flatline goes retro.

Old Factioned went dark.


Guxman sends the boys to pay their respects.

kanell with a dope pic of Noctis et al getting some R&R in the hot spring.


LockVII wtf and also right on.

wardog_jo spots another feature No Man’s Sky was missing at launch.

Another week ends, and so does another ‘Shop Contest. This really was stellar week thanks to the great entries above and others in the comments (I see you)! As always, drop me a line with any questions or complaints, and remember to check back tomorrow for a more seasonal ‘shop contest to set the mood going into December.