Holy Clickers, Batman! Everyone really went above and beyond this week.

You took the a not-obviously exciting ‘Shop proposition and turned out some really rad mash-ups. And a million and one props to people like Orionsangel and others who shared their much better cutouts with the crew.

Also, Orionsangel won. Sorry! It was just too perfect:

It’s the closest we’ll ever probably get to the alternate timeline, The Last of Us 80s spin-off we’ve always dreamed about, but such is life.


Now on to the hard part, which was somehow saying no to the rest of this week’s entries. There were so many good ones I’d like to share that I hardly know where to start.

The Back-Up Band

astronaughte with “it ain’t easy leaving in a zombie hellscape.”

NegaScott128's mama always said “Life was like a box of Clickers.” 

amazingmao has the cross-over to melt our wallets this holiday season.

Ihsus imagine’s a different kind of drum circle.

MrDeadScott after my own heart with this callback to the best concert venue of all-time: Fisher’s Horizon.

cecil_banon goes Johnny Cash.

#shotsfired from Villings.

Green Monkie sees a bright future ahead for Ellie with the kids.

Coriakin: “Ti —a drink with jam and bread...”

Izboriz engineers a new duo.

skyc2re brings the Easter eggs.

In the words of Marusame, “Context is for the weak.”

Mouthless Donny thought Keanu needed more cheering up than Ellie.

The Wrath of Kuhn found the missing Beatle.

Berfince: “Somewhere along the Zero....”

Like graham2k, I don’t think there’s anyone better to brighten someone’s day than Steven.

I said cheery, Major Sharp!

qu4nt0: “I heard they are touring Termina next year!”

Ishbar: “Life always finds a way.” 

transmillion, in honor of the Crash revival.

And with that it’s time to bring the curtain down on another ‘Shop Contest. Thanks to you all for making this wee’s even better than the last! As always, drop me a line with any questions or complaints, and remember to check back tomorrow for next week’s contest and another chance to glimpse my terrible clipping skills.