Duke Nukem 3D released Jan. 29, 1996. On Sept. 3, 2010, Gearbox and 2K Games finally announced the sequel, Duke Nukem Forever. How did Duke occupy his time in between? That's where you come in.

No source images for this one, because nearly 15 years of history is far too much to cover. Surely there's some fad, craze, news event or sports result or iconic photograph between those two dates into which you can insert Mr. Nukem. The sky's the limit.


Maybe Duke was involved in the Florida Recount in 2000. Maybe he was in Vegas when Tupac got killed. Maybe he testified on Capitol Hill about Napster, Enron, and steroids in baseball. Maybe he got popped for DUI along with Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte and Lindsay Lohan. Fifteen years means also 15 movie posters for Best Picture and 15 covers for Best Album. Surely a man as talented and accomplished as Duke Nukem appeared on one of those.

I figure after we've gone about three months without an open-ended challenge, we can stomach one now, especially for a timely subject. So there you have it. Remember, post your submissions in the comments below. I'll round up the 20 best in a gallery next Saturday. That's it! Start Shoppin' and have fun.