Happy Valentine's Day, dear readers. We have a sweet 'Shop Contest candidate for you - dear old NECCO Conversation Hearts, a staple of the holiday which I'm sure you'll pervert with your own crude sayings.

At least, that's the intent. NECCO, the maker of these things, says it threw out all of the Sweethearts sayings and took submissions from the public for this year's line of candy. Well, nobody asked us! Probably for good reason. That's where you 'Shoppers come in.

Let's keep this as game related as possible (I'm really hoping "Guided First-Person Experience" can fit on one of these), but as you can see in this gathering of Sweethearts, there are at least eight blank ones for you to draw on and a ton more to emboss. Pics, words, go to town. Except for you, Mr. Fap Fap.

Source Image: Valentine's Sweethearts [via Stock.xchng]

Post your submissions in the comments. Remember, folks, this is a great way to get approved as a Kotaku commenter if you aren't already. I and the starred commenters (hint hint) will promote as many as I can periodically, and next week post a gallery of the 20 or so best.