Kotaku: 'Shop Contest: Bored on the Fourth of July

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Yep, you can tell where this one's headed.

Yes, yes, the Founding Fathers - TJ, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Col. Sanders - they were all awesome guys. Four score and ... a bunch of years ago, on July 4th, 1776, they defeated the British at Gettysburg and established such concepts as "freedom," "no taxation without representation," and "mattress sales." We have much to be grateful to them for. You too, England. Say you love America, goddammit! Say it!


But I think there were some others who were just as instrumental in establishing the greatest video gaming nation on Earth. Working behind the scenes. Erased from the original version of that painting and replaced by guys who appear on money. Your challenge: Put them back, and make history safe for the rest of the world.

Source Image: The Signing of the Declaration of Independence

Source Image: The Original Declaration of Independence

Master Chief. Yoshi. Phoenix Wright. Batman. The Rock Band Wall Guy. Anyone. Put them in this picture, or put the guys from this picture in a game. Alternatively, add some more signatures to that document. Let freedom ring.


Post your submissions in the comments below. Next Saturday I'll round up the 20 best and make sure I don't miss any They Live references.

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I'm sure it's all in good humor but I'm not exactly sure how great of an idea it is to mess with Founding Fathers or the Declaration of Independence on the Fourth if July...

It may have been in 1776 but it's still a very important date for many Americans especially with so many people in our country and government right now who don't like our Founding Fathers or what they believed our country should be.

I'm sorry to say most of the jokes just didn't work and it's kind of offensive.