Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Big Head Mode

McWhertor's shot yesterday of the Twilight cosplayer - wearing a giant mask that matched his skin tone, making him look like he was in big head mode - is the last-minute inspiration for a 'Shop Contest everyone can enter.


Big Head Mode. And that's really it. I'm not sure why we haven't done this before. We all know what Big Head Mode is, right? It's self explanatory. This page over at Giant Bomb lists all the games known to have the cheat, adding that sometimes it makes the subject's arms bigger, too.

This is one of those open-ended contests, but surely you're thinking of some iconic photo or masterpiece painting that could be made more awesome and hilarious with an embiggened head. Maybe there's a very serious video game out there that deserves BHM; if so, work off some screenshots.

While taking a head, blowing it up and slapping it back on the image is the functional job here, taking about 15 seconds, you're going to be judged on image choice, its suitability or inappropriateness for Big Head Mode, and then any little things you do to make it fit in better than just a fast paste job. The best 20 will be rounded up and put on display next Saturday. And then I'll ask you to Big Head Mode the Big Head Mode winners, and so on, until the galaxy explodes. The end.

Have fun!

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