Last weekend feels like it was a lifetime ago. But even in these times of change, some things remain constant. Like George W. Bush’s penchant for being a goof.

Congrats to this week’s winner: barhat518. Among a number of great entries, this GIF sat head and shoulders above the rest. 

However you feel about the country’s 43rd President, no one should deny themselves the power of these photoshops below. The real W. might not have many adventures left in him, which is for the best after where he left things after leaving office, but hopefully this meme will live on.

And thanks again to everyone for making this latest contest resounding success!

Whiskeyjack09 had the second best entry. Well done sir!

Rezzyk knows where the former President really wanted to be during the Inauguration.

Soundneko has been playing too much Overwatch.

Villings: “Say hello to my water-resistant friend.”

E5P3ED with a million dollar movie deal just waiting to get snatched up.

Spook has some good DLC ideas.

Bush has taken up painting since leaving the White House, and also being a butler according to PunditGuy.

CynicalOne with the best Bush has ever looked. Now if only there was an aircraft carrier behind him.

And then there’s this, via cecil_banon.

MrDeadScott has Bush embark on the darkest dungeon, no doubt helping keep his crew’s sanity up with his understated brand of physical comedy.

I don’t know what Mrichston cooked up but I’m digging it.

Supercalifragilistic Mystic had a ton of great entries, but this was my favorite.

HitcH suggests Bush was the kind of President you’d want to have a beer with and also have with you while hunting for Final Fantasy summons.

SolidMGSnake with another great Assassin’s Creed jawn.

bravefencermusashi is selling some good stuff.

YongDeaKz won’t let Bush dodge the draft this time.

OPT1CS doesn’t give George any special treatment in the great Switch shortage of 2017 to come. It’s apparently going to be so bad that Sega will be scalping consoles.

barhat518 with a journey that will touch your heart.

barhat518 gets an A+for retro creativity.

Alphonso C. Burks knows just how resourceful Bush could be.

Whatisthis imagines W. paying his respects as best he can.

And finally Pete spotted the former President watching cars drive into balls in a post-human future.