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Kotaku Season Finale?

To: Ashcraft
From: Stephen
Re: What's It Like To Be Reviewed In Japan?


If I've learned one thing today, Mr. Brian Ashcraft, it is that the people of the Internet like answers. Not all of them. About half of those who watch a show like Lost expect the deep mysteries of the things they like to be answered.

So, of course, Brian, we must now ask ourselves a question: What fundamental mysteries of Kotaku do Kotaku readers expect to have answered? We've already revealed that Owen is the smoke monster and that McWhertor is both a time traveler and "special" (as in, he can see ghosts!).


But are there questions we are leaving unanswered that you think our readers expect to be resolved? I didn't think we ever needed to explain why the beer bottle was green or when "tomorrow" really referred to. But maybe they need to know! These could be the questions Kotaku readers have been dying for us to answer.

I'm comfortable revealing that "the numbers" represent the salary I requested before I started working here and that Luke is evil. You?

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Was this 'greying' an accident, or you guys ignoring this on purpose?

In other questions:

What ever happened to:

[] - these?


[]] - this?

What's with the recent addition of daily #science articles?

Will you sudo make me a sandwich?