What's It Like To Be Reviewed In Japan?

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Ahoy! Hope you are enjoying The Big Apple and all that it has to offer...and all it doesn't!


Previously, I did a post on Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential going on sale in Akihabara. Going on sale in Akihabara has been an honor. I remember the first time I visited Akiba all those years ago when I first came to Japan. And seeing something I did being released there made me incredibly happy.

Another happy moment...

Today, Gigazine.com reviewed the book (Japanese review here, English review here). Gigazine, according to Time, is Japan's most popular blog! I've been reading Gigazine for years. What makes Gigazine of interest for non-Japanese readers is that the site translates many of its posts into English. It's a good way for Westerners to see what Japanese folks are reading online. (Learn more about Gigazine!)

When I started Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential, I really wanted the book to be of interest to Westerners and Japanese people, men and women. Many books on Japanese culture are targeted only at Westerners — meaning that they don't break any new ground or hold any revelations for locals.

"Every page in this book has something impressive, even to us Japanese who should be familiar with Jyosi-Kosei (high schoolgirls)," writes Gigazine about JSGC. Gigazine was impressed by the book's depth and objectivity. (Personally, I viewed the book as academic study of a culture!) Really happy to see such a good reaction from a Japanese site. Something else that has made me happy is that, so far, many of those who really seem to "get" the book are women — both Japanese and Western. Girl power is universal, it seems. Oddly, the knee-jerk reaction to the book seems to come from men who haven't read it.


Another takeaway from the Gigazine piece is that people in Japan know Kotaku! (We have Kotaku Japan in part to thank for that!) When you are writing the site, sometimes it is easy to forget that people actually read the site. It's amazing how big the site has gotten since 2005. Big in Japan, even!

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I'll be hitting Japan in 2011 for sure!

Akihabara, school outfits, sushi, placenta juice(?), ramen noodles, anime, manga's, pod-hotels... Oh man...