Kotaku Rough Draft

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This post is an experiment. It's a test of a theory that our most dedicated readers would like to know more about the things we cover at Kotaku—and it's a test of the theory that much of the off-the-cuff discussions that the Kotaku editorial team has with each other in private chat rooms about news, about stuff we post and stuff we don't post, would be interesting to you.


So we wil try something, and we're going to use our new discussion system, Kinja, to see how this works.

What we are going to do is drop items in the discussions below and talk about them, if they merit discussion, in front of you. Or with you, of course.

In theory this will give us a place to drop in an image or a press release or a Tweet that we thought was interesting but didn't think merited the time or effort or front page real estate to turn into a post. Some stuff we put in here might even become a post, but you'll be getting an early peek.

What you will hopefully get here is a more raw Kotaku, one which represents much of the natural exchange of ideas that happens in private among our team each day.

If this works, we will do it daily. If it doesn't, we will kill it.

Let's see.

And, please, please, please suggest a better name. The test name was Daily Dump, but it seemed too fecal. Some folks suggested Patch Notes or Hub World. I'm not sold. Rough Draft sort of works but has problems. Someone suggested Notebook. Drip Feed? Any ideas?


Jason Schreier

I'm gonna do what I do in our staff chatroom and just talk about nothing but Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.

So... anyone play Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky? Did you love it as much as I did?