Well awright. First Luke decided to be cute with the Far Cry 2 review and lay down some massive Toto beats in his loved/hated for that game. Then on Friday, McMike came right back and titled his Resistance 2 review after REO Speedwagon's cut-off-your-nuts romance ballad, the go-to mixtape track timed perfectly for pulling off under the overpass with your date to the Winter Sports Dance. Well boom, bitches, I see your overproduced vocals and raise you a manperm with friggin' Air Supply in the headline, apropos of nothing at all. Be glad I didn't go all Chicago on your asses in my MotorStorm review, or else Kotaku would be overrun by commenters swooning like loveless dental assistants caught up listening to the lite rock during a teeth cleaning. Oh yeah, there was some original news this week. Highlights here, full accounting of our work product in the jump: Resistance 2 Review: Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore Far Cry 2 Review: Hurry Boy, It's Waiting There For You Fable II Review: A Feast Of Burden Which Drums Are Louder: Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero World Tour Activision Eyes Subscription Fees For Guitar Hero World Tour User-Created Songs MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Review: A Festival of Mayhem The Ballad of "Robert Jones": Arcade Tickets Were His CurrencyBioShock DLC Adds A Lot But Loses Something Important Brash Hit By Lay Offs, Kills Game Wii Fit In My Bullet Train Schedule? Oh Yes Sony Australia Are Just Giving PS3 Games Away Frankenreview: Valkyria Chronicles Electronic Arts Ditches Casual Label, Merges It With The Sims The Briefcase Gaming Survival Kit Saints Row 2: Two Million Served (Well, Shipped) How Many Copies Will Res V, SFIV Sell? Activision Seeing "Strong Interest" In Instrument Upgrades Guitar Hero World Tour Review: This is Guitar Hero Obama Leads McCain in Xbox 360 Pwn the Vote Poll Unboxing Table Top Halo Win Our Nintendo DSi Straight from Osaka Frankenreview: LittleBigPlanet