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This week saw the debut of Kotaku's overnight off-topic discussion, aka Our Excuse to Talk About S—t Like the A-Team. Crecente and McWhertor in Vegas still helped keep the rest of the site on-topic for original coverage this past week.

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Reviews, Previews, Hands On and Impressions
Super Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition S Hands-on
Trajectile Micro-Review: Testing Your Talent For Precision Demolition
More Hands-on Details From Xbox 360's Game Room
Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot Micro-Review: A Very Long Engagement
Cold Stone Creamery: Scoop It Up So You Don't Have To
Darksiders Review: Harbinger Of The Apocopylypse

Well Played: Oh What A Year
Stick Jockey: A Picture Worth More Than Words


Death by Cube Ready To Kill Xbox LIVE
Separated At Birth: Borderlands And CodeHunters
Mass Effect 2 Debuts In Mass Effect: Redemption
Target To Offer $99 "Video Game Setup" Service
Ninety-Nine Nights II Dated for Japan
The Harvard Lampoon Skewers Twilight, Sega
The Bravest Game, Mistakenly Neglected
What We Want From The Next Nintendo Handheld
Capcom (Try To) Back Away From Anti-Wii Comments
Yes, Alan Wake Is Getting DLC
Ar tonelico III Rolls Out The Manly Lady, Voiced By Pikachu!
Xbox 360: 39 Million Consoles Sold, Only Half Are On Xbox Live
Will The Michael Jackson PS3 Bundle Get Western Release?
Xbox Game Room To Feature "Over 1000" Classic Arcade Games
Project Natal Launching This Holiday Season
Microsoft CES Liveblog
Left 4 Dead 2 Vs. The Motion Control Apocalypse
Toobin' Controller? Super Hang-On Motorcyle? What isn't Mad Catz Working On
So, Who's Behind Microsoft's New Game Room Service?
Sony: Nearly Four Million PlayStation 3's Sold Over Christmas
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Review: The Big Book Of FF Activities
Sony CES Liveblog
Bach Explains To Be Announced Xbox Game Room
Microsoft To Announce "Xbox Game Room" At CES [Update]
Reader Makes His Own Bayonetta Collector's Edition
What Parents Think Their Kids Learn From Video Games
Pink PSP Blossoms In Japan
Fist of the North Star Dated Dated, Already Dead (And Dated)
Five Ways Japan Can Stop Game Industry Shrinkage
GOD EATER Eats Up Over 1 Million Demo Downloads
This Is It, The Michael Jackson PS3 Bundle
Is Google's Nexus One A Gaming Contender?
Bayonetta Review: To Infinite Climax Action And Beyond
Modern Warfare On Wii Hooks Players, If Not Big Sales... Yet
The History Of Video Game Art In Reverse
Japanese Hardware Sales Tally
2009's Top Five Selling Games in Japan
In 2009, Japanese Game Market Shrinkage Continued
What Will Be Gaming's Next Hot Destination?
There Are Responsible Parents Out There
Japan Celebrates Christmas By Buying Many, Many Wiis, DSis
Think Of It As James Cameron's Beyond Good & Evil
The 10 Most Avidly-Played Wii Games In America (As Of Jan 1)
iPhone Chart Toppers: Zombies Won't Die
EA Shutters Online For Selected Games, Including Madden 09
Master Chief's Dancing Spartan Parade
Twilight Freakout, Guido Names and Fist Bumps

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This calls for an A-Team remake!