Our latest podcast is now available for download. Hear Fallout 3 and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion lead creator not just dodge your Fallout New Vegas Questions, not just allude to future work, but chat with "Kotaku crazy uncle" Tim Rogers.

Tim wants to be cast in a Bethesda role-playing game.

And you wanted to know how the graphics will improve in Bethesda's games. Better animations, Howard promised.


You wanted to know what he would want out of more Morrowind. More distinct sense of cultures, he said.

And you asked so many more questions about career paths to gaming, a need to click on more things in Fallout 3 and Todd's favorite 2009 game (Uncharted 2, sort of). Give it a download and a listen.

Host: Stephen Totilo
Guest: Todd Howard
Special Extra Guest: Tim Rogers
Music: Reaping Beauty (Bayonetta Rap) by MC Lars

Download The Show Through These Means:
Chatting with Fallout And Oblivion's Todd Howard [Blog Talk Radio]
Chatting with Fallout And Oblivion's Todd Howard [iTunes]

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