Interesting week as the silly season for new releases churns up momentum. The big headlines Nintendo's going before the feds in an IP scrape that refuses to die; the world flirted with the Google/Valve rumor until we smashed down a crowbar upon that one. Activision's boss, presently vacationing on planet Zantrar 5, says they're "dominating" Rock Band. And I for one am thrilled that 50 Cent's next video game is not entirely caput kaput; for an evening rental among stoned friends, there's just no better ironic gaming experience than playing that un-ironic, unintentionally hilarious portrayal of Fiddy's badass guns-blazing supahero existence. Plus, who among us actually watched the entire hour of the TNT Amusement infomercial? The week that was in original reporting, highlights below, full roster on the jump. Nintendo Responds to Trade Commission Investigation of Wii Rock Band 2 Review: Second Verse Same As The First Training Wheels: My First MMO The Best Damn Video Game Infomercial You'll Ever Not Walk Away From Activision Boss Says Guitar Hero Is "Dominating" The Competition The Force Unleashed Review: As If Millions of Star Wars Fans Suddenly Cried Out The 100 Retailer Pop Quiz - What Gaming Console Should We Buy?Ultimate Band Impressions: A Peripheral-free Rock Band? 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is Dead, Dead, Dead [Update] Tecmo And Koei To Have Concrete Plan In Two Months Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise Review: Maximum Candiosity Win our Penny Arcade Expo Swag For Pennies A Day Nintendo's Kirby Event - Word From The Field Impressions of Life With PlayStation U.S. International Trade Commission Investigating Wii Patent Infringement Case Life With PlayStation Out Now You (Yes, YOU) Are Cordially Invited... Frankenreview: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed The Ultimate Zune Launch Game Video Guide Valve Kills Google Buy-Out Rumor New Halo Helmed By MGS4 Producer The Secret Apprentice Talks Gaming, Japanese Voice Acting and Putting the Sexy in FU How Much Has WoW Cost Blizzard Since 2004? Europe Gets ANOTHER 360 Price Cut Interview - Haden Blackman, Force Unleashed Front Man New Home Trailer: Parlour Games, Themed Rooms How Activision Will Nickel & Dime You On Future Call Of Duty Games Metroid Prime Devs Eye 360, PS3 for Future Games Starlight, Star Not So Bright Mark-Paul Gosselaar Needs A Singer For Rock Band Nintendo Throws A Party To Benefit Starlight Children's Foundation