Kotaku Originals: Grab Your Meat Shields

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We were back to the usual forty-elebemteen-million Originals posts this week, and not all of it was Crecente mining EA Games Spring Break 08 or the Xbox 360 Spring Showcase, either. LucasArts and the ESA are splitsville. Sony announced its PS3 lineup through early '09. EA announced some numbers and said it's no longer providing quarterly guidance which, snark aside, I'd like to see more public companies do.

But of course no news sells like sex, and Leigh's interview with Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year Jo Garcia on her gaming habits trafficked some amazing readership. The week in Kotaku original reportage, below:

ESA Confirms LucasArts Exit

CBS Snags GameSpot In $1.8 Billion CNET Acquisition

Sony Announces 2008 and Early 2009 PS3 Line-up

EA Makes Three-Year Growth Plan, Quits Quarterly Guidance

Interview: Playboy Cyber Girl of the Year Is A True Player


Interview: Frontier Hopes LostWinds Breezes In More WiiWare Innovation

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Hands-On

Former SEGA Idol Opens Meat House

Meet Sony's New Phil Harrison

Talking To The DBZ: Burst Limit Demo

Madworld: A Fun Romp Through Dismemberment

Microsoft, Here is Your Number One Customer

The Best Worst Game URL On The Internet Right Now

Waitin' Until Friday: Where Things Stand On EA-T2

Two Humans' Hands On with Too Human

Penny Arcade Game Impressions

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise and Pinata Vision Impressions

Fable 2: A Glimpse at the Beginning and A Co-Op Surprise to Come

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Hands-On Impressions

Second Level Gears of War 2 Play Through

So... Will There Be Another Metal Gear Solid?

It's Sony Financials Time (incl. PlayStation Sales Data)

Yup, The PS2 Is Still Buttering EA's Bread

New MGS4 Screens Want To Sell You Things

Itagaki: No More Ninja Gaiden, This Was My Swan Song

EA's Riccitiello Still Sees PC Opportunities

EA's Riccitiello Talks "Holographic" Madden Interface, No Need For Take-Two

Battlefield Heroes: Hands-On Impressions

Skate It Wii Hands-On Impressions

Battleforge Impressions

Left 4 Dead Hands-On Impressions

Acquisitions Cause $454 Million In Losses For EA In Fiscal 08

Shane Kim: Rare Hasn't Realized Their Potential on the 360

Gears of War 2 Getting Meat Shields, But Does it Need Romance Too?

Take A Look At Uniqlo's New MGS4 Shirts

You Really Did Get Assassin's Creed In My MGS4!

Presser Start!

Metal Gear Movie Update

If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em: Using Facebook For The Games Industry

Where In The World Is Brian Crecente?

Talking Over LostWinds WiiWare

What Would Be Your Perfect VC Update?

Rare: Just Hang On, Banjo 3's No Racer!

The Games My Mother Played

What Game Makes You Pull Your Hair Out?

Niko Bellic's San An Flight Priced By Airways


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Malvolio the Magician

I prefer my whores to look like Anna Ohura, personally. But this is still fap-worthy material. But then again, what isn't fap-worthy material now-a-days.