Kotaku Originals: GDC Overload

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This is when the gig starts to scare me, because there were forty-leb'm-million billion things coming out of GDC this week, and somehow I'm supposed to follow that act. Let's start with an originals roundup.


For starters, if you want to recap all of our fine corinthian GDC coverage, there's two ways to do that:

• Our official GDC roundup post: Game Developers Conference: It's On
• Also check anything tagged GDC09

It was a lively week without GDC, too. Here's what the homeys who weren't in San Francisco slapped together for your voracious news appetite:

Wii Fit Helps Men Talk To Their Families
Taito Bringing FPS To Arcades (Again!)
Apple Putting The Squeeze On iPhone Developers [Updated]

Features and Critiques:
The Cut Scene: Inside The Video Game Weapon Replica Business
Maria Montessori: The 138-Year-Old Inspiration Behind Spore


News and Rumors:
Bionic Commando Gets Firm US Release Date
Fallout 3's The Pitt Isn't Quite Right, Bethesda Is On The Case - UPDATE
Sony Making PS3 Development Better And Cheaper
Warhawk in Spaaaaaace
Capcom Delays "Versus" Resident Evil 5 DLC
Warhawk's Dylan Jobe Leaves Incognito, Forms New Studio
Need For Speed Shift Shifts Into September


Reviews, Impressions and Hands-On
Hands On With Nintendo DSiWare
Patapon 2 Review: A Familiar Beat
Scratch: The Ultimate DJ Impressions
MadWorld Review: Simple Jack


Cool Stuff:
DIY Street Fighter IV Cabinets Make The Best Birthday Presents
Get Your Battlestar Galactica Fix With These Games




Seemed to be more Japanese participation this year at GDC. Do they have any conventions for just developers in Japan?