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So Nintendo learned there are other powerful words that begin with "Ni" and by that I don't mean nickel, nor "nimrod," though one surely was fired following this week’s Animal Crossing racial epithet grabass.


The ghetto salutation/extremely foul word made it out in copies of Animal Crossing sent out to 14 game journalists, who are prone to overlook such things. I've gone ahead and substituted in my own happier word that begins with those magic letters. There, all better.


Elsewhere in the originals report, reviews of both Prince of Persia and Wrath of the Lich King dominated much of the workweek (or month, in Fahey's case). Crecente also managed to write a mood-piece about criticism and journalism that eerily presaged the announcement of the sale (and some say imminent closing) of the paper where he and I started work within a week of each other, nearly eight years ago. Thanks for the buzzkill, boss.

Here's a full accounting of how we earned our dough this week:

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