The old dog-ate-my-controller excuse got a guy out of a 5,000 Microsoft Point purchase, plus Gamertag immortality for the scape-pooch, in the No. 1 story of a news-packed week delivered by your humble editors.

Top Stories
Microsoft Refunds Dog Shopping Spree, Grants K9 Gamertag

Rumor: Kane & Lynch 2 Has A Very NSFW Level
Xbox 360 with $100 Card for $200 This Weekend?

I Clothe Gamers
KFC Madden NFL Box Unboxing and Review
Kotaku's Super Huge Pumpkin Patch
Using Trophies to Deliver Big Game


Reviews, Previews, Hands-On and Impressions
Review Round-Up: Dragon Age, Drawn To Life, NBA And More
Calling Preview: Ju-on, Take Two
Rooms Preview: Sliding Under The Fun Fence
Rabbids Go Home Review: Strip-Platforming
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Impressions: Modern Warfare, Too
Skate 3 Preview: Peer Pressure Is On
Mass Effect 2 Impressions: Looks Better, Shoots Differently, Doesn't Overheat
League of Legends Review: Free, Addictive, Worthy
Domo Games Micro-Review: No Thanks, Nintendo
Dragon Age: Origins Review: Tripping The Blight Fantastic
Fairytale Fights Review: The Tragic Kingdom
WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 Review: A Game For Smart People
NBA Live Micro-Review: More than Pick-Up Hoops


Notebook Dump: Mass Effect 2's New Helpers, A Failed Quest And More
Well Played: Modern Warfare 2 Navigates A Sea Of Second-Guessers
Stick Jockey: With NCAA 10, EA Guns for Two Shining Moments


NetFlix In Action on the Playstation 3
Halo Waypoint Will Be What You Make Of It
Band Hero Track Edits Are Ridiculous
Carmack: Working With Apple Is a Rollercoaster Ride
2010 Will Bring Us More Call Of Duty, More Guitar Hero
Online Retailers Refusing To Sell Modern Warfare 2
Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter Review: Hero We Go Again
PS3 Greatest Hits Get A Facelift
PS3 Netflix Streaming Discs Are In The Mail
Carmack on iPhone Fallout, Quake Live and Elves and Orcs
Darksiders Is "Akin to Zelda" But Way Bloodier
Dragon Age: Origins - PlayStation 3 Versus PC
How Many Hours People Play EA And Activision's Wii Games
Walmart Confirms 360 Sale, More Cuts Coming
PSPgo on Your TV
So How Many Boss Fights Will Prince of Persia Have?
Final Fantasy XIII Soundtrack CD Dated For Japan
Five New PSP Bundles For Japan
$25 Million In Left 4 Dead 2 Ads Gets You At Least Two Trucks
Rabbids Developers Remembered Wii's Neglected Features
Is Konami Going To "ReBirth" Jackal On Wii?
The 10 Most Avidly-Played Wii Games In America (As Of Nov 1)
Three Categories of Xbox LIVE Rewards Pilot
The PlayStation Network Expands To Clone Wars, Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Behold The Single-Player Fighting Game
iPhone Chart Toppers: Rock Band Retains Top Spot
Dragon Age Girls Do It With Their Undies On


Announcing The Return Of Kotaku's Game Club, For Modern Warfare 2
Giant Wine, Autographed Items, Vinyl, At Upcoming Charity
Console Arcade, DJ Hero, Rock Band Set for Colorado Child's Play Fundraiser

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