This week Netflix started mailing out the disc needed for Playstation 3 owners to use the movie and television streaming service on their consoles.

Here's a quick look at how the service works on the console once you get the disc. For now, you'll have to pop the disc in to access the Netflix service from the Movie section of your PS3's cross media bar.


The Netflix service is relatively similar to the offering found on the Xbox 360. Although you can't watch a movie with friends online, everything else seems to be there for PS3 owners.

I actually like the interface a bit more on the PS3 than I do the Xbox 360. The PS3 version takes up most of your screen to show off the movies or shows available in a particular area. You can sort by a number of genres, including very specific ones keyed to your tastes, as well as look at your Instant View queue and browse through the selection of TV shows and movies just made available on the service.

Once streaming a video you can pause, rewind, fastforward just like with a disc or downloaded movie.

While this may seem like old hat to Xbox 360 owners, it's got to be a delight for Playstation 3 users, especially those that landed the disc before the weekend.


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