Kotaku Off-Topic: Mildly On-Topic

Earlier today we were wondering what would be the onomatopoeic spelling of the Xbox Live Achievement Unlocked sound.. At first I suggested "bloo-ick" but Fahey corrected that with "bo-deet." Now I think it's more like "buh-plock."

This is the kind of crap you think about after an eight-hour drive up I-5, beginning at 6 a.m. Forgive me, I still have the highway eyeballs - that forced middle-distance stare that comes after a long day behind the wheel.


So anyway, fight over that spelling if you wish, otherwise, here are some conversation starters as we try to socialize together on subjects other than games.

  • The First Robot Homicide - Twenty five years ago today was the first time in recorded history a robot killed a person. I thought that was in 1968 aboard the Discovery One, although I guess that would have been in 2001, which would have been more like nine years ago. Now my head really hurts.
  • Tastier Than Lead Type - Font-o-philes, or whatever fans of typefaces are called, should enjoy these Helvetica cookie cutters. I'm going to throw buy the Copperplate Bold set for my upcoming flashback-to-1994 party.
  • Baby Makes Three - Back in December, our old pal Shiraz Malik - Spoony Bard - wrote about the anticipation of becoming a new father and realizing that, with so much time to be devoted to raising children, selling his game collection was probably a prudent if bittersweet decision. We're happy to report that the baby, a boy, arrived over the weekend and that mom and child are both doing well.

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