This is my first crack at Kotaku Off-Topic, and I'm not really sure how to begin it. Non sequiturs, by definition, don't have a segué or a lead-in.

But here goes anyway. Later today I am driving down to California to see some old friends and visit (on Tuesday) 2K Marin to rap about MLB 2K10. But I suppose that would be on-topic, and this is off-topic, and therefore I'm off-topic in the off-topic thread, and so I've screwed up my first offering. Whatever. Empty your minds here, with the following four headlines as fodder for your free-range discussion:

  • Here's a Tip- When counterfeiting currency, try to use denominations actually in circulation. A Lebanese man left a $500 bill as a tip in Kuala Lumpur, leading authorities to a cache of fake bills in bundles of $1 million, $100,000 and $500 denominations. I want to know which presidents he put on the bills.
  • Science Foul - In San Diego, a kid's science project - a homemade motion detector made from an empty Gatorade bottle "with some wires and other electrical components attached" - freaks out the school principal. The school is cleared and a bomb squad is called. Naturally, the child is recommended for counseling. I'm glad we're not letting the terrorists win or anything.
  • U R Not Mr Gay - Cops in China shut down the first ever "Mr. Gay China" pageant, saying organizers "did not do things according to procedures." That implies there is a state procedure for a pageant of gay Chinese men.
  • In Sports: Colorado School of Mines loses 77-40 to Fort Lewis. Emily Dalton has nine points and four rebounds for the Orediggers.

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