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Kotaku Off-Topic: ∫elf-Evidence

Illustration for article titled Kotaku Off-Topic: ∫elf-Evidence

Today being Independence Day, we're requiring all who comment to make their S'es look like Fs, in the tyranny-free official off-topick threade of Kotockyu.

  • In a draft of the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson originally used the word "subjects," then scrubbed out the word and replaced it with "citizens." It's a very significant choice of words.
  • The Declaration of Independence, however, does not enshrine our right to blow up crap on the Fourth. That's the Interstate Commerce clause, which codified in which of the 50 states you have to drive across the border to get fireworks. That said, please stay safe out there.
  • Paintball sentry gun vs. paintball robot tank. The sentry wins, with a skunk.

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Son of a bastard!!! I'm supposed to be at a BBQ in like 8 minutes, but I just woke up like 7 minutes ago!

At least this is better than the Memorial Day BBQ so far...