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Yeah, a headline like that, you wanna know what's inside, not what pointless thing happened to me at a stoplight yesterday. Although I did see a green-and-gold Oakland A's Lincoln Town Car yesterday and it was so awesome I wept.

  • As our friends at Deadspin pointed out earlier this week, the 2010 Name of the Year competition has begun. Vanilla Dong, Destiny Frankenstein and last year's winner, Barkevious Mingo, have all been honored. Shockingly, and I have no idea how this is possible, but Dudu Chili not only never won a yearly competition, she finished 13th in name of the decade and has missed the hall of fame. Now, my standard is if your name is one that not even Peter Jennings in his prime could say in a dignified manner on World News Tonight - and Dudu Chili was a member of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation commission, so Christ, how close did we come? - then your name is hands down the winner. Edward R. Murrow, Morgan Freeman, the Pope couldn't say "Dudu Chili" with a straight face. Dudu Chili probably can't say "Dudu Chili" with a straight face.
  • Speaking of great names, how about awesome business names? As seen this earlier in the week on Attack of the Show, here's an ad for Butt Drugs, a real pharmacy in Corydon, Ind. Let's hope nothing nightly newsworthy ever happens there.
  • And speaking of chili, that woman who put a guy's severed finger in a cup of Wendy's, and bit into it, in hopes of winning huge moolah in a lawsuit? She's at large again, and gives her story to the San Jose Mercury News. Fun fact: She cooked the finger before she put it in the chili.

Image by Larry Varney, as seen on the Illinois State Department of Natural Resources web site.

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