Is anyone excited about the upcoming TV series based on The Walking Dead? Anyone?

I am. I know by all rights I should be expecting horror for all the wrong reasons, but the comic is just so good, and the wisdom in making it a TV series instead of a movie so sound, that I can't help it.

I just hope the carnage, and alarmingly high rate of lost limbs and appendages, makes the jump to the screen. If I get to the second season and Rick can still play guitar I'll be upset.

Not a Walking Dead fan? Then maybe read some of this instead. It's good stuff.

- There will be new Voltron. Not sure what was wrong with the old Voltron, but it's probably got something to do with the fat one.


- OK Soda looks surprisingly contemporary for something from the early 90s. Give it another shot, Coke!

- So a US Army specialist is in trouble for allegedly leaking the video that showed helicopter pilots gunning down Iraqi civilians.


- A packing tape spider web looks a lot better than it sounds.