Kotaku Off-Topic: At Last Check

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After paying the rent at the beginning of the month I noticed my supply of checks was nearing its end. I bought just one batch when I opened this account: Five years ago.

Bill-pay services and debit cards have taken away a lot of the need for checks (and replaced them with a more secure and verifiable form of payment). It's still strange to think back on the days when you didn't dare think about leaving town without your checkbook. Not only do I go away for weeks at a time without one, I often skip town without any cash in my wallet.

Anyway, there are some things I can't pay online, so I guess I'll fork over the $12 or whatever and get a new set this week. But considering that this batch of, what, 500? lasted me more than five years, how long will the next set go? I set the over/under at seven.


And on that note:

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I found this and i gotta say the guy who made it is pretty faithful to max paynes talking style and whatever happened to max payne 3?