While I've just gotten back from Los Angeles, my folks have hit the road for their first true vacation in years.

Dad's a tennis umpire, so he's usually officiating tournaments in enjoyable parts of the country, and in the best locations he brings along Mom, since the hotel room's already paid for. This time, however, they're traveling with no such obligations. And as such, Dad's leaving his laptop at home. No email, no Facebook, no nothing.

I think the last time I traveled anywhere without a laptop was to Rome in 2003. I'm not sure what I'd do on with myself without one. Relax, maybe. Read an actual book, which I haven't done in months. I hope Mom and Dad are right now, which means I hope they can't even read this, or anything else I write, for another seven days.

For the rest of us in front of laptop or desktop screens, here's some off-topic topics to get your jowls a-flappin':