Kotaku Now iPhone Friendlier

The million monkeys wailing away at the million keyboards in our tech department have struck upon a feature update that will put the "M" back in "Kotaku." A new, improved mobile version of the site — extra iPhone friendly — is now live for those of you who need to get your gaming and/or "poo-flinging primate" news fix on the go. Plus, if you ever need a shot of magenta and chartreuse, you're well taken care of. We know that with your jet set lifestyle, having gaming news (and gaming not news) without the overhead of images, CSS and Javascript is crucial, so make sure to have the mobile version of Kotaku handy. As you can see, the "classic" version is still available for those on a 3G or better wireless network, should you find yourself going through JPEG withdrawal. Comments are welcome in the... comments.


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