Kotaku Game Club is Back! We're Playing Mass Effect 3

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Hey Game Club, it's been awhile. 2012 is already shaping to be a year of dramatic changes. We wanted to make sure our next Game Club was suitably epic, so we're playing Mass Effect 3.


One of the year's biggest and most talked-about games, Mass Effect 3 is already a contextual powderkeg, inciting discussions across the internet regarding its stance on gender and romance, controversial casting, and DLC disputes. More importantly, every player will have a different experience based on the choices they've made in the past two, some of which they may have forgotten. Everybody has their own Shepard story to tell and we're going to see how they all converge right here.

If it's your first time playing with the Kotaku Game Club, our goal is simple: We come together each month to play a video game together as a community, sharing our thoughts and concerns about the game's narrative, mechanics, context and anything we think is noteworthy.

Our meetings take place every week on Thursday at 4pm Eastern in the comments section of a special Kotaku Game Club post. Remember that the Game Club is about dialogue as much as anything else, so feel free to speak your mind and discuss other readers' thoughts in addition to your own.

As in the past, we'll have four meetings to discuss Mass Effect 3, starting next Thursday, March 8th. We'll cover the main game during the first three sessions, and spend our last week on the merits of ME3's new multiplayer offering.


Here's the full schedule:

Thursday, March 8th - Campaign: Week 1
Thursday, March 15th - Campaign: Week 2
Thursday, March 22nd - Capaign: Week 3
Thursday, March 29th - Multiplayer and Final Thoughts


As always, there will be a reminder blip on Kotaku each Wednesday to remind you about our meetings. If there are any emergency shifts in the schedule, we'll make sure to let you know as far in advance as possible on the site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

See you guys next week!


Decided not to buy ME3 due to numerous anti-consumer business decisions from EA.

Must have origin installed at all times?

Day 1 DLC?

DLC gear that actually affects gameplay (instead of being cosmetic only)?

Users are automatically opted in for data collection and must opt-out (many won't even realize they've been opted in...)


I'll instead be buying $60+ worth of indie titles from devs that are actually in it for the fans and not the money.

(Not to insinuate that the devs who actually worked on ME are greedy as I'm sure they're 100% committed to the fans. They're most certainly getting a raw deal in this respect from their publisher and upper management. I just can't bring myself to support that type of company, no matter how much I might enjoy the product.)

: /