Up until now, Mass Effect has been about shooting bad guys and sowing your wild oats. In the series' third game, however, your oats will be planted in more familiar ground.

BioWare has told PC Gamer that there are no new romance options in Mass Effect 3, the emphasis in the final game being on resolving the relationships you made in the first two titles.

"So this is more about how you, if you're a new player, how you start these romances with the existing characters" says BioWare's Casey Hudson. "If you've had relationships with previous characters, then it's your opportunity to resolve those. And again, it's in the context of a ‘World War II'-type setting, so you don't really know if you're going to survive, or what kind of a world is going to live beyond the story. So it's kind of that situation."

What can make that more interesting is the creation of some serious love triangles between your current and former flames. If my playthrough is only memorable for one thing, please let it be fisticuffs between Liara and Miranda.

UPDATE - Hudson took to Twitter over the weekend to add that there'll not only be same-sex relationships possible in Mass Effect 3 (they were in the first game but not in the second), but that for the first time both the male and female Shepard will be able to engage in them. Saucy!


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