Kotaku At (Nearly) 100,000 Facebook Fans, A Milestone In Our Social Lives

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For months we've been running a Kotaku page on Facebook. Many of you have visited to chat about video game news, to call each other names, all that good stuff. Nearly 100,000 of you like us on Facebook. Thanks!


There was a time in the lives of each of us who work at Kotaku when we thought we would never have 100,000 friends. Facebook has almost proven that fear groundless. Thanks to you, we are all pals now.

We honestly and earnestly do appreciate the support of all of our readers, whether you read us at Kotaku.com, beta.kotaku.com (the brave among you), on facebook.com/kotaku, on Steam, on your phone, and anywhere else.


Thanks for your support on Facebook. Thanks for helping us crack 100K.

And if you're not one of those 100,000, please do consider liking us on Facebook. We'll try not to clutter up your news feed too much.

Just hit the "like" button to join your friends in following Kotaku on Facebook.

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a gold plated turd could get 100,000 friends on Facebook. It's not that big an accomplishment. Hell my band hasn't played a show in 4 years and we have almost that many and we were never even signed or anything and just played mainly NY,NJ, CT and Mass in small ass local bars.