Kotaku Asks: Someone Who Makes Video Game Trailers [Q&A Over]

Meet Matthew Hunt, one of the people behind the slick video game trailers we see at E3 and on YouTube every time a publisher is ready to show off their game.

Hunt, who has been working in the industry for 13 years, is here to talk to us about the world of video game trailers. How are they captured? How are they edited? Who gets final say? Why do they sometimes seem so bullshitty? Why do some trailers that say “captured in engine” clearly look nothing like the final game that’s running on our consoles and PCs?


Matthew will be here at 3pm ET to answer your questions. Ask whatever you’d like.

UPDATE: And we’re done. Special thanks to Matthew for taking the time to chat today.

This is Kotaku Asks, a weekly feature where we invite guests from the world of gaming to come answer burning questions from Kotaku readers. (If you think you’d be a good guest or have any requests for future guests, let us know.)

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