Kotaku Approval Ratings: Taking it Online

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After a week off for Labor Day, Kotaku's Approval Ratings are back again to measure your attitudes and preferences regarding online play and downloadable games.

No doubt many of these responses will break down along our earlier platform preference results. Remember, the point of answering a survey isn't to declare a winner, but to know an answer. In this case, an answer in the minority might still get a sizable enough percentage to be intriguing or revealing.

Again, you will not see the results of these polls after you vote. They will close tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. U.S. Mountain Time. We will publish the results and an analysis the following Thursday evening.


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Paradox me

I don't use any services at the moment to play online. In fact, I haven't played a single game online in over a year.

I've been playing with the idea of Killzone 2 online, but I lack a mic and just the thought of annoying kids or trash talkers taking shit too seriously is enough to keep me from even trying it.

I do use them to buy content though, and answered yes for every game besides Fat Princess and Battlefield.