A bunch of half-nekkid Korean dudes got their sieg heil on in chilly downtown Seoul to promote Karma II, an MMOFPS (we're doing that abbreviation now? OK). Cue shocked and outraged onlookers? Eh, not really.

Instead, once they saw the shirtless fascists (say that five times fast) and the Karma II banner, many ran up and joined them for pics. Just because something would go over like a turd in a punchbowl in the western world doesn't mean it's (wait for it ... wait for it) verboten in the east. Anyway, they're not marketing to anyone outside Korea, so, they probably don't care if I find it weird and tasteless.


Speaking of, check out Trapezius McStudly second from right over there. Jesus, did they sign up the Tank from Left 4 Dead?

According to Karma II's wiki, it's a free online FPS (says nothing about MMO) and a sequel to, of course Karma Online. In this world, the Nazis conquered Europe and are battling it out with the Soviet Union in the 1950s. Wait a minute, I thought that's when the Chimeran forces overran Britain. It's just like cosplaying fascists to write revisionist alternate history.


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