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Korea Getting That "Very, Very" Limited Edition MGS4 Pack, Too!

Illustration for article titled Korea Getting That Very, Very Limited Edition MGS4 Pack, Too!

Koreans! That Special Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle? That's coming your way. The premium pack includes the 40GB, a DualShock 3, Metal Gear Solid 4 special edition and a special Blu-ray movie. This bundle sold out in Japan and was also offered in America for pre-order. While the number of bundles hasn't been confirmed, Kojima Productions associate producer Ryan Payton said, "We're not kidding around when we say 'limited edition'." Guess they had enough for Korea!

Thanks, Chris for the tip!


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Well, for any Metal Gear fan, the 80GB thing is just a better deal, which is the ironic part. You can't play every Metal Gear game on the Gunmetal Gray model, even if it looks absolutely awesome...but on the 'normal' 80GB, you can.

Weird choice, Sony and Konami.