Konami Smacks Down 100+ Metal Gear Online Accounts

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Konami told Metal Gear Online gamers that it's "taken action" against 113 alleged cheaters. From the tone of the announcement, it sounds like a response to months of complaining of glitching and other abuses.


Here's the note Konami sent out to players late yesterday afternoon:

Konami has a firm policy regarding cheating in Metal Gear Online. It will not be tolerated. In keeping with this position, we have taken action against 113 accounts participating in prohibited behavior.

The role of the gaming community in keeping Metal Gear Online free of this type of activity cannot be overstated. You are the first line of defense. We encourage you to report instances of prohibited behavior and ask that you provide any evidence you may have regarding these events.

Violations can be reported to us at: support@konami.com

All reports will be reviewed; necessary and appropriate actions to address the issue will be taken immediately. Due to privacy concerns, we will not be able to notify you of our findings, nor of the actions taken to resolve the reported violation.

We wish to thank you for your continued support of Metal Gear Online.

Konami, citing privacy, refused to say what "action" it had taken, but I doubt it was pleasant. It sounds like this is a "we heard you loud and clear," type notice.


The tipster who mentioned this to us said the abuses - "glitchers locking themselves into walls and shooting through entire maps, making them unstoppable to reach" - were for months a common gripe among MGO players. Many said they were through with MGO until the issue was resolved, and it looks like that number became large enough to force Konami to act.

Konami Takes Action Against 113 Metal Gear Online Accounts [Game Observer, thanks reader Jim D.]

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It amazes me that people have such a lack of testicular fortitude, and low self-esteem, that they must cheat in an online game.