Konami Publishing Ninety-Nine Nights II, Shoko Nakagawa In A Big Hat

According to Microsoft, Konami will be publishing hack-and-slash Ninety-Nine Nights II. The prequel was developed by Rez designer Testsuya Mizuguchi; however, he does not appear to be involved with this title. Ninety-Nine Nights was published by Microsoft in 2006.

South Korean developer Phantagram worked on the title with Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment. This time Microsoft development arm Feelplus is handling development duties. The sequel has a much darker visual flair.


Fun fact: nerd idol Shoko Nakagawa appeared at promotional events for the game, cosplaying as one of the title's characters. This was back before she was a super-duper famous superstar and before we knew Ninety-Nine Nights wasn't very good.

Another fun fact: While Shoko Nakagawa claimed at the time to be impressed with Ninety-Nine Nights, she actually did not own an Xbox 360 until this past March. And then she didn't seem to play it much and later gave away some of her games. She's got more important things to do, apparently!



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