For those wondering what publisher would pick up a Major League Baseball license this coming year, it's Konami but, alas, it is not for any console title. MLB Dream Nine is now out on Facebook, and it's about what you would expect—a rigored click-this player-management simulation that has very little to do witb the sport itself.

When you check in to MLB Dream Nine you get to pick a favorite team, and then your first big star comes from its existing roster—meaning this has the blessing of the MLB Players Association as well as Major League Baseball. I got Johnny Gomes, who tonight wore a bathrobe out to the field for Oakland's celebration of its remarkable divisional championship. He went up against New York and the A's won 3-1, I think. I don't know, I was just clicking where it told me to.


MLB Dream Nine will compete with World Series Superstars by EA Sports Facebook division. There will still be no Major League Baseball game on the Xbox 360 next year.

MLB Dream Nine [Konami]

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