King Of YouTube Suggests 10 Free Horror Games You Can Play Right Now

Lots of people of watch PewDiePie. The cheeky Swede’s got more subscribers to his YouTube channel than, well, anyone else. In the world. It's a fact YouTube themselves stumbled on a few months back. He spends most of his time sifting through all sorts of games long and short for his YouTube series, and a big chunk of those involve horror titles. So when he offers up a playlist of ten shock-centric games that you don’t have to pay for, that potentially translates to lots of folks screaming at their screens. And penguin twerking.


Titles like Kraven, Insanity, Haunt and One Late Night all get name-checked, with the help of one not-at-all scared pug. Go to 0:39 to skip the hijinks and start watching the games. Be sure to turn the volume down, because the clips accompanying each game are filled with PewDiePie's trademark screams. If you want to share your own recommendations for scary playables, head over here and join the conversations. When Halloween's on a random Thursday, it can be horror celebrations all through the weekend.

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Never understood why so many people outright hate the man. He is doing something he loves, getting paid for it and has an insanely large fanbase.
I don't really watch his content but I don't begrudge his success because of that. Unless he has personally wronged you hating on him is nothing short of spiteful and childish.