The Scariest Game You've Ever Played

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Happy Halloween, everyone. Hopefully you are ringing in this most ghoulish holiday by dressing up, eating candy, watching scary movies and playing scary games. Speaking of scary games…


I'm curious what freaks you guys out. I love horror games, even thought I hate being scared, but I get scared by things that other people don't always get scared by. Horror tastes are like pizza toppings… everyone's into something a little bit different.

And so tonight, on All Hallow's Eve, I thought we could put together a list of the games that have scared us most.

Let's follow this format, using bold text and topping each entry with an image:

Screenshot or art, pref at least 640 width

Game Title


Why it's so freaky: Explain why the game is so freaky.

Scariest moment: Self-explanatory. Youtube embeds welcome.

Okay, everyone ready? Go forth, and tell the world what truly scares you.


Fatal Frame.