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Kinect Makes You the Rampaging Controller

Some folks, including the creator, describe this Kinect mod in Hulk-smash terms. It does tint the screen (and the skin of the players) green. But towering above puny buildings and smashing them into rubble, that sounds more like Rampage, to me. Either way, let's get this one into production, stat.


Next on the to-do list: Eating people, eating appliances and belching flame, grabbing junction boxes and getting electrocuted.

HULK SMASH! Kinect Hack Using Flash and Box2D [Kinect Hacks via Joystiq]

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I like how everyone's saying it's the Kinect's fault. Because it's impossible to develop bad software for good hardware, right?

Heads up, people. It's a mod, a piece of software developed for fun by potentially amateur programmers. Not only that, it's one mod out of hundreds of mods. Not only THAT, the quality of a community-made mod doesn't reflect on official Kinect software. A product can have fantastic hardware, but it's up to software developers to actually realize its potential, and just because there's one piece of software that fails to do so doesn't necessarily mean the entire product is bad.

It's like me saying, "Hey, Vampire Rain on PS3 was absolute shit, so the entire PS3 platform must be complete shit as well!" Makes no sense, right?