Kinect Can Turn You Into A Tiny Action Figure

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A company called Shapify is, through the magic of Kinect and 3D printing, allowing Microsoft's peripheral to serve as your gateway to tiny narcissistic action figures.


You'll need a Kinect, a PC and Shapify's software. With all that, the camera can take a complete 3D image of you - in a pose, if necessary - then have that printed out as a cute wee figure.

Considering the technology used - this is the old Kinect, not the Xbox One's supposedly improved model - the results are pretty good!


Shapify [Site, via Incredible Things]

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I think these would be considered little statues instead of action figures, but still quite cool!

The guy with the Fluttershy shirt and coffee looks like the exact kind of person to try this amazing new technology out. So, thanks, random guy with a Kinect!