The high-production values continue in round two of the Killzone 2 behind the scenes series, this time focusing on creating the look and feel of the alien world of Helghan.

Guerrilla Games goes deep in this installment of the series, talking about the intricacies involved in making the completely alien home of the Helghast look and feel like World War II Germany during a really bad thunderstorm. I make fun, but the best episodes of Star Trek always involved alternate dimensions where the things we were familiar with were twisted slightly from the norm. Presenting something utterly alien doesn't quite carry the suspense of exploring a world that feels like a warped version of a more familiar setting.

On a completely unrelated note, who told studio director Hermen Hulst that he looked cool talking with his head tilted to one side? I mean sure, in the first installment it was kind of cool, but now it's begun to nag at me. He probably pulled a muscle in his neck or something, and I'm going to get a nasty email for making fun of it and feel bad all night.