Killzone 2 Beta: Seven Minutes of Gameplay

Apparently reports of beta testing this game in Europe are on the level. PlayStation Universe found this video, which shows Killzone 2's menu screens and gameplay between players online. Here we pass it along to you for your perusal. Seven Minutes of Killzone 2 Beta Footage [PlayStation Universe]


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Thing is... when a game is coming out that you're not able to play it on your preferred console... you must somehow make yourself feel better by downplaying the game, and in turn you might feel a little less jealous. It goes both ways. Fanboys trash talk a game that isn't even out yet to make them feel better about not being able to play it.

In any case, this game looks amazing as always. The areas have a very real look to them, very spacey. The animations look very fluid and realistic. With positive hands-on impressions and impressions from people with the beta, I see no reason to play it down so early. Let's hope it plays as well as it looks.