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Killer Instinct's Shadows AI Even Learns Your Dick Moves

Last week Killer Instinct added Shadows Mode, which analyzes a player’s fighting style and creates an A.I. clone that does everything they do—including celebrating a win with a good teabagging.


In TGF1Gaming’s video below (via Polygon), we see a fierce battle between a Jago player in white and his game-crafted shadow in blue and red. Killer Instinct’d Shadow Engine analyzed how this IceWater714 plays and created a ghost warrior based on his actions, some of which were a little unsportsmanlike.

The Shadows Mode, detailed over at Xbox Wire, is a pretty nifty way to analyze your game, and also allows your friends to beat you up when you are busy elsewhere. Considering how poor my KI game is, I am terrified to use it.


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Meyer Lansky Sqarrs

That’s not the right location for a teabagging.

Something else entirely is happening right there.

Still counts as a “dick move,” though.