Kid Wanted DS, Got a Rock

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This sounds like something my Dad would do, just to watch me lose my shit. However, it's real. A 16-year-old unboxed his birthday present DS to find nothing but rocks and Chinese newspaper.


Because she's a cool mom, Jody Wykle, of Lake Wales, Fla., gave her son Guitar Hero: On Tour even though he didn't have a DS, just so she could make the guy squirm while she played clueless. Then, surprise! She handed over the DS - a sealed box, mind you - and when he opened it, things got unintentionally a lot worse.

"When he opened it, he was like, 'A box of rocks?'" Wykle told WTSP-TV. "He said, 'Mom, that ain't a joke.'"

Indeedy not, especially for a $138 handheld. She went back to Walmart, which gave her the not-our-problem treatment - until Ms. Wykle called in the media, at which point it became very much their problem. They refunded the DS and shelled out a gift card.

Before getting the refund, Wykle bought a second DS, just so her son could have a proper birthday present. "I made them open it while I was there to make sure there was a DS in it," she told WTSP.

Here's the kicker: Seems that box of rocks had been returned before.

$138 Box of Rocks? [WTSP-TV]

For those who didn't get the picture above:



Shame, he could have played Guitar Hero to rock out. On his rock. Which was meant to be a DS.

Jokes are hard. Rock hard.