Illustration for article titled Kid Has 30 Games, DS Stolen While Visiting Sick Man In Hospital

And, get this, it’s the dude he was visiting who’s accused of stealing them.

The Star Tribune (via Game Politics) reports that Dave A. Schmotter, who was recently sick in hospital, has been charged with the theft of two Nintendo DS systems and “between 30 to 40 video games” from an eight year-old boy. Who, along with his mother (a friend of Schmotter), was there to visit him. And had even brought him some McDonalds to eat.


Surveillance cameras in the hospital reportedly caught Schmotter picking up the bag containing the kid’s gear—containing an estimated $1000 worth of hardware and games—while he and his mother were distracted, and hanging it over his IV drip to hide it.

Schmotter has a lengthy criminal past, but still. “Dave steals anything he can get his hands on,” said the mother to local police. “This is really low.”


The kid’s bag, including all the stuff, have been returned.

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