Kid Bribed With Video Games To Steal Drugs, Say Cops

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Kids, if someone promises you a video game! if you let them borrow a bottle of mom's pills without telling mom, that's bigtime STRANGER DANGER and you need to tell McGruff the Crime Dog.


Cops in Portsmouth, N.H. on Sunday arrested a woman by the name of Shannon Leathers and charged her with bribing a 9-year-old to steal Percocet from his mom and give it to her. A video game was the lure, though the news report doesn't say what. (Please be M-rated, please be M-rated ...)

Moms, of course, are paid to notice shit. They got that Momdar. And it didn't take Nancy Drew to figure out Percocet just does not get up and walk away. Never mind how Leathers expected him to keep this particular game a secret from his mom. When I was nine, my mom knew everything I owned. Anything out of place was probably stolen.


So the kid, questioned about the pills, immediately confessed to the deal with Leathers and that brought in the law. Leathers is in the slammer facing felony counts of possessing a narcotic, criminal solicitation, receiving stolen property and a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child. Probably why she looks so unhappy in her booking photo, at the link.

Woman Bribes Child With Video Games To Steal Drugs [Hot Blooded Gaming]

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game-hating andrew

Why are kids so dumb?