Kevin Costner's Tatanka Hunting Simulator 2013 Dances With Irreverence

It may look like a cel-shaded reboot of Activision's Stampede. However, this is Kevin Costner's Tatanka Hunting Simulator 2013, an unauthorized adaptation of the Academy Award-winning Best Picture for 1991. It's the work of Acid Wizard Studio at the Global Game Jam, which wrapped up last week. And it looks insane.


From its instructions:

"If you've seen Dances With Wolves you know that eating fresh bison (tatanka in native indian) hearts makes Kevin a happy Costner! Jump on a tatanka and stay on it long enough to eat it's heart, filling up the hunger meter. Watch out and don't fall to the ground or hit the horizontal edges of the screen! Each time you fail a run, you get coins for total distance traveled and eaten hearts, which you can spend on upgrades for your character .... like a flying squirrel costume. How awesome is that?!

Ugrades range from "ASS OF STEEL—bounce off the ground the first time you hit it," to "OM NOM NOM!—you eat tatanka hearts faster."

Well, considering how movie adaptations usually do in video gaming, it's not terrible... Kevin Costner's Tatanka Hunting Simulator 2013 is playable. You may download it at the link below.

Game: KEVIN COSTNER`s TATANKA HUNTING SIMULATOR 2013 [Global Game Jam. h/t Kacper K.]



native indian? should it not be native american? you know the people you took away land from and give diseases too.