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Ken Levine and Todd Howard on Teddy Ruxpin

Illustration for article titled Ken Levine and Todd Howard on Teddy Ruxpin

Want to know what happened at that panel where their Stephen Totilo and Newsweek's N'Gai Croal talked shop with Ken Levine and Todd Howard? They talked about Teddy Ruxpin.


The actual topic of discussion was whether hardcore gamers should fear the Wii. The answer? Good luck getting a definitive one from this vid. You could read it as a "No" with a "but" or a "Yes" with a "well" – your choice.


The bottom line for Levine and Howard is clarifying whether or not a Wii or DS release is by definition a non-hardcore game. Game developers aren't out to make games based on the platform; they're out to make games period, Levine says.

The highlight of the panel for me is the Teddy Ruxpin references. Anybody remember that toy? Why doesn't Levine make a game about him? For the Wii, of course.

Ken Levine And Todd Howard On Whether Hardcore Gamers Should Fear The Wii

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Oh god, Teddy Ruxpin. That brings back early memories for me...