Domina - Release Trailer

But it seems like this is a clear example of someone abusing Steam’s patch notes to harass and attack another person by name and seems like a thing Valve might want to stop. Valve did however recently ban developer Dolphin Barn Incorporated from its own Steam forums following abusive and toxic posts. (This of course led to another shitty rant using Domina’s Steam page.)


Kotaku has reached out to Valve about the rants but didn’t hear back from the company before publication. When contacted about the rant and asked why they decided to use their game’s patch notes on Steam to comment about Keffals, the developer instead complained about Twitter suspending their account and continued to attack Sorrenti.

“I lost my verified Twitter account on which I used my real name,” explained the dev, “While ‘Keffals’ is now verified, using a fake name, while ‘in hiding’ after having faked crying [sic] on national TV and admitting they had sexual relations with men, without telling them they were also born a man.”


As for Sorrenti, she seems mostly confused and exhausted by the patch notes. Earlier today, she shared them on Twitter and asked the developer to keep her out of his “midlife crisis.”

“Can I please go one day without the weirdest fucking creeps on the internet projecting their insecurities into me?” asked Sorrenti on Twitter in a follow-up tweet. “Bro, I’m just vibing over here.”